Monday, April 26, 2010

Rhubarb post script

Well, the verdict is in. The rhubarb crisp from yesterday is WAY better cold. The next day even. Like for breakfast, Calvados whipped cream and all! (Who doesn't need an excuse for a splash of breakfast booze? You can only eat so much Scotch oatmeal.) Both the whipped cream and the crisp improved after a night chilling out together. The crisp in particular mellowed out, and lost some of it's hot-off-the-press primal pucker. This must be a case of the triple-T (temperature tempered tartness). I just made that up now, but had to share.

Not much to report otherwise. Nothing noteworthy on the recipe front tonight. I should, however, share with you the super cool thing I found at Kitchenalia yesterday.

These old brass ladles were too good to pass up, and were a steal! (I didn't steal them, they were just really inexpensive.) I'm not sure what to do with them other than look at their rustic awesomeness as they hang in the kitchen. Be on the look out, though, for recipes that say: "Now take your vintage brass ladle, preferably the medium sized one...."

Bye for now -- wishing you good eatin' til next time!

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