Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick trip to the garden.

Greetings, Oh Cyberspace (and dear people who are following the Blog). Not much to report today. The sunny weather means I take off on my motorbike whenever I manage to score some free time. (Her name is Pearl, and she's awwwwwwwesome. See!)

I did manage to rummage around the garden this morning, and I do have a massive backlog of cooking I want to do, so hopefully it either rains, or I just buckle down and get to it in the kitchen. We shall see.... I do know that the rhubarb becons, so does the mess o' pecans I have in the fridge, and this niggling notion that I need to eat some leeks. So, hopefully inspiration will get the better of me any moment now.

As for the garden today, things have been pretty slow, what with the cold weather and all.

The fava beans have been plugging away, but things are a little crowded with the radishes in there too.

French tarragon is coming along too. This stuff is so fun to have in the garden. Whenever I cut the grass I nibble a leaf so that it sits on the edge of my tongue (and switch leaves when they run out). It makes your tongue go numb and is a great way to make grass cutting fun (like I said before, I am easily amused). You can cook with it too! Great for fish, or as a garnish for soups etc....

The costmary (remember the whole alecost story? If not, it's under whiskey sour!) looked really nice in the morning sun (and, as usual, smelled like a dream ... a dream with Juicy Fruit gum in it).

The horeseradish has started reaching for the stars. These will produce a MASSIVE amount of blooms soon. I let them flower because the bees and other pollinators like them (plus they look all frowzy and cool). Horseradish does not have a plethora of uses in the kitchen, but it's great to have when you need it. I think I have a recipe for a horesradish lasagne type gratin tucked away somewhere that I'll have to (first find, then) try this fall.

Lovage continues it's quest to be the biggest thing on the planet. You'll see what I mean once the flower stalks get going.

And, my dear friend the sage is bursting forth from what looks like a pile of dead sticks. I love this stuff, and am so glad that you can't die while it's in your garden! I also nibble on it when I cut the grass.

I had fun visiting my friend Frank today. It's his birthday, and he mentioned yesterday that he had this bottle of Chimay he was planning to drink, but for some reason he had no Chimay glass. (Beer people will be aghast, non-beer people will be "wtf?") SO, being the kind soul I like to try to be, I popped over to present him with one of my (three, now two) Chimay glasses. Luckily, he hadn't opened the bottle of Chimay (it's empty now, heh heh heh). Then, lo' and behold, he happened to have an extra Delerium Tremens glass, which he insisted I take in return. This, my dear friends, is what it's all about. Peace, and cheers!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Puy lentils on the stove (I am so good at making myself laugh! Puy, Puy, Puy!) and I need to start checking out recipes for pecan piieee (preferably ones with bourbon in it -- dunno why, I just think it's the right thing to do. I'm pretty sure Edna Lewis will be able to help me out on this one. We'll see tomorrow!)

Bye for now!

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