Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainbow trout

It's March 13th and I just planted a crop of arugula in the garden. This is outrageously early for Ottawa -- there should still be 2 feet of snow out there. However, make hay while the sun shines! In honour of the wondrous potential of arugula, here's a recipe from last spring. It's a great way to cook fish.

Start with a smokin' old leCreuset pan (or whatever else is on hand!) For me, the pots and pans are half of the joy of the whole cooking project!

Put some olive oil in the pan, add your arugula, and mix it all around to coat both the greens and the pan. Sprinkle with kosher salt when you're done.

Add the nice rainbow trout fillet you just bought. Add some chervil straight from the garden and some mod squad salt (different from the kosher one) and cracked pepper. Open the windows and turn on the kitchen fan if you live with ingrates who complain about fish smell.

Pop it under the broiler for about 12 minutes (this is what to do with the about 12 minutes). This recipe works best with a thin fillet. A thick piece of fish would take too long and lead to incinerated greens, so don't try this with a big fatty!

And YUM! The arugula may look black, but it is crispy brown and soooooooo good. Add some rice and steamed green beans and you're good for four. (Or if you're a piggy, just eat the whole thing out of the pan yourself. mmmmm.....)

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