Saturday, March 13, 2010

The perfect salad

Raw ingredients: arugula, mod squad salt, freshly cracked (not ground) pepper, and a steak!

Then you need to get your grill going. I am a charcoal purist (I like to play with matches, it glows in the dark, you get to smell like a forest fire for hours after, and, most importantly, it does a great job!) I use a chimney starter to get them going. This one is all set:

Once your coals are ready, they go into your cool little webber (the one-steak sized version) and rest for a little while (they're too hot right off the bat). Then your oil the grate, add your steak and wait a few minutes while you drink some beer. This, incidentally, is another reason I like charcoal -- beer is safety equipment. You need one in hand at all times incase there's a flare-up or something.  Look at the lovely smoke!!

The book Seven Fires (an Argentinian meat extravaganza) recommends seasoning steak only after the side you're seasoning has been cooked. It works great -- just hit the grill with the raw meat, and then be ready to add your salt and pepper after you flip it over.

That may look like a lot of salt on there, but you can expect some to fall off when you flip it over to season the next side. Once your steak is done, plate up on a bed of arugula with a drizzle of olive oil and voila! Best salad ever!

Inspiration: My arugula patch!

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