Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bite me again!

Hey there. Only got a minute for a quick post, but I had to get this in. I had another foray into the Bite Me cookbook and it turned out great again. I will try and post the full details in a day or two, but for now a little teaser....

First was this brilliant Key Lime pie. Soooooooooo good. I substituted the usual meringue for whipped cream spiked with a mystery ingredient. Ok, twist my arm, it was tequila.

And, since I had the oven on and a bunch of extra egg whites (skipped the meringue, remember?), I whipped up this batch of spiced pecans more-or-less following another recipe in the book. This is a major coup since I keep blowing big bucks at a local store that makes spiced pecans. Now I can make my own! (They aren't in danger of going out of business, but I am in danger of going broke, so this works out for the best.)

These pecans can be used in this salad, again following yet another idea in Bite Me. (You'll be forgiven if you think I have a pecan problem -- I think I do.)

So there's the teaser. Back in a day or two. I have a movie I want to watch, and a Father's Day to enjoy tomorrow. :D

Peace y'all, bye for now!

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