Sunday, January 15, 2012

The book I can't blog from.

I bought a copy of Ruhlman's Twenty some time ago, but only got the chance to give it a detailed look this morning. The basic idea of the book is to explain twenty essential techniques/ingredients with sample recipes in order to give you a platform from which to become a better cook (no matter what level you are starting from). So you have in there chapters on salt, water, grilling, roasting, soup, etc. with a few sample recipes to illustrate essential ideas and methods. I think it's great!

When I saw the Dutch Oven Bread recipe this morning, I thought "what a cool idea for a blog post!"

Then I turned the page. He already did it! Look at all the picutres -- pretty much exactly the same one's I'd typically show. The only difference is that he has a better scale than I do, and his mixer is white (and he can show both hands at once since one isn't fumbling with the camera and getting it all doughy).

All this to say, if you like the format here with lots of picutres, personal anecdotes, and an emphasis on the how and why we do things, then I'm pretty sure you'll dig this book. I won't likely be using it as an inspiration for posting here, but some of the ideas are bound to creep in (the advice on starting your lardons in water sounds brilliant, for example).

So, off to the kitchen I go for some great bread and a skillet roasted chicken. (I haven't tested these yet, of course, but I have high hopes -- and I don't have to take a bunch of picutres at the same time!)

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