Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bacon and onion pizza?

I don't often revisit recipes on this blog (i.e. I never do), but in this case I think I've simplified this dish enough to warrant a re-post. The original recipe called for more pans and more work (read: dishes -- I am sure the magazine people have lots of minions to do their dishes, which I don't, so as a consequence fewer dishes is better).

The improvement here is that you can cook the whole thing in one pan. I went for a 12" cast-iron skillet, which has about 3/4 of the surface area of the 9"x13" baking pan that the original recipe called for. This called for some multiplication to get the proportions right -- fortunaltely my calculator batteries from grade 12 (30 YEARS AGO!!) are still working.

First, you need about 4 slices of thick bacon (6 oz. if you have a scale). Slice this into fat matchsticks and get it frying over medium heat.

In the meantime, chop 4 small onions in half, and then lengthwise into thin slices (the recipe calls for two medium ones, but I like onions, so your call who to follow).

Once the bacon is almost done, you should get the dough ready. This is not a traditional pizza dough since it has no yeast in it and relies on eggs to get some lift. At the same time, it means you don't have to sit around for an hour waiting for it to rise, kneading it, etc. This puppy is ready in 10 minutes! To make the dough, mix 1 cup of flour and 2 tsp of dry mustard with two beaten eggs and 200 ml of milk (if you don't have metric on your measuring cup, aim for half-way between 3/4 cup and 1 cup).

The dough batter should rest for 10 minutes, which about exactly how long your onions should take. First, get your bacon out of the pan with a slotted spoon, leaving as much fat behind as you can.

Then add a pat of butter if the pan looks a little dry (your call here, bacon fat plus butter is a serious artery issue, but it is also a seriously delicious issue -- again, up to you).

Get the onions in there, add some salt and pepper, and stir them around now and then. As soon as your onions are in, turn on the oven and get it heating to 425F -- it should be hot by the time the onions are done.

While all this is going on you should grate some cheese. I chose Gruyere, which is Swiss, and so not very pizzaey, but which also happens to compliment bacon and onions like a house on fire. Use mozza or cheddar as substitutes if you like (but don't if you can help it!).

Anyway, you need a little pile of cheese to sprinkle on top.

When the onions are getting brown, remove them from the pan and put them wherever you put the bacon. Take the pan off the heat too.

Again, if the pan looks a little dry you can add a splash more butter (disclaimer: but consult your doctor first if you have heart issues).

Now it's time to assemble! Pour the dough batter into the pan...

...dump the onions and bacon on there, ...

... add the cheese, and fire the whole mess in the oven for 30 minutes.

When she's done, she'll look like this! (i.e. AWESOME!)

Let your pie rest a few minutes, then ease it out of the pan with a couple of spatulas (look ma, no stick!)

Slice into 8 servings and enjoy!! (On a personal note, I am fully capable of eating a whole one of these by myself, so you may want to make a second or third at the same time if you have company -- just sayin'!)

So ends the bacon and onion saga -- and my arteries! Peace, people!

Who dat?!

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