Friday, April 22, 2011

Potimarron squash soup: Day 55

Well, it`s been a while since this recipe started. Today, I decided to plant the squash seeds.

In the photo, you can see some Red Kuri squash seeds (in the middle) and some Potimarron seeds from two different sources on either side. Guess what? I don`t think they`re the same (call me crazy!). You may recall that there was some controversy over this whole thing, and that I planned to plant both `just to see.` Given the clear difference between the seeds, I think it`s safe to say that there is no need to use up any precious garden space on the Red Kuri seeds I was sold. I want to do this soup right!

We`ve had a miserable (i.e. real) spring this year (it usually goes from winter to summer in about 36 hours with the odd snow thrown in after just for fun). This means that the garden won`t be ready for squashes until the traditional May 24th long weekend `GET EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN RIGHT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!` event that we Southern Ontarians are used to. But, it is still a great time to get a head start. Seeds subjected to the garden striaght away will be mowed down by every predator imaginable, and unless they`re tough (like radishes) you can kiss them goodbye as soon as you plant them. Giving them a few weeks in pots will help get them through the tender first days and leave you with lots of extra leaves to feed the slugs etc. and keep the plants growing too when you finally plant them out.

All you have to do is fill some pots with dirt (I don`t want to have to move the squash seedlings to larger pots later, so I use 4 inch pots right at the start), water the dirt, and poke some seeds in there (push them down about 1 inch).

Then carefully water the pots again so that the dirt landslides over your seeds and covers them gently.

Now get the pots into a warm place and ... wait....

If it`s warm and sunny outside, get them into real sunshine as soon as they sprout. Keep them away from frost and cold, but the more sun and fresh air they get from now until planting-out the better.

Happy Earth Day folks! Dig, grow, and be merry! (And have some beers too!) 

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