Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the garden? Almost!

I had a peek back to my blog entries from around this time last year. Oddly enough I made oat pancakes about a year ago, I also made them this morning, and haven't made them once in between. Weird. I was also thinking that a whisky sour would be a nice way to finish the eve, and lo' and behold, I posted that the same day. Even weirder. (Although I admit, I have made a few of those since. Just sayin'.)

One thing I did not do this year was go dig in the garden. It's still frozen solid. Last year about this time I was planting spuds...'s what that spud patch looks like today. I did however get a little gardening in. The girls helped me get the tomatoes started. I do them the same way I do peppers -- i.e. I germinate them in a warm place first, and then pot them on. We started 18 varieties -- I have space for maybe 4, but that's the kind of guy I am (some might say stupid, but I prefer enthusiastic!)

Speaking of peppers, there is a little encouragement from the mite infestation zone. Some of the poor wee souls seem to be coming through alive (fingers crossed) -- the appearance of some true leaves on this one is a good sign.

Although the poor blighters are much farther behind the plants that didn't get munched.

I'll also be starting the cole crops this week (cabbage, kale, and that crowd), and in a couple of weeks some onions and maybe a little chard. This kind of encouragement is helpful this time of year while the icy wind outside howls and threatens to put your fires out. Now, where did I put those lemons...


  1. wow, did not know you all were in Canada. We are in the midwest central area and we are complaining it is in the 30's at night and upper 40's during the day....most of our snow is gone and our cole crops are outside....We have snow peas,arugula, mustard , spinach greens filling in a bit....We did have to cover our strawberry patch the other night when it was in the 20's! We did not want to miss our spring crop...happy gardening from central USA

  2. Happy gardening to you too! Your garden looks great. We should be warming up here soon, and I hope to get the radishes, carrots, peas, arugula, and fava beans going next week. Our last frost is usually around May 24, so that's when everything else goes out. Looking forward to that block of ice a call a garden to warm up for sure. We have had a slow spring this year, but as usual once it thaws spring will last for about 3 days and then it will be full-blast summer. Best of luck with your garden this year.