Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's ginkgo time!

I got out for a quick tour of the garden this morning and was really happy to see that the ginkgoes are leafing out.

This one in particular makes me happy, because it is a large tree (around 8 feet tall) that I started from seed. I had to move the poor thing last spring. It got through the summer ok, but I was worried that winter would take a toll. Looks fine now though (big sigh of relief!).

Rhubarb has started to look creepy again -- this is the start of the flower stalk. I have visions of "FEED ME, SEYMOUR!" everytime I walk by this thing.

The kale that made it through the winter has also started flowering -- I won't have to buy seeds next year, and who knows -- maybe I'll create a winter hardy strain. I can call it cavalo joe (instead of cavalo nero).

The horseradish is also sending up it's flowers. Get ready for a lacy, frowzy splash of white coming to a garden near me real soon! This flash flood of flowers really shows the biological imperative of our temperate climate: It's spring! Make babies!

Speaking of radishes, these little fatties will be ready soon.

The chervil is also coming up.

It will look like this when it gets older (these guys were left over from last winter). It has a delicate, licorice flavour that is great when added at the last second to a soup, or when mixed with cream cheese. I am pretty sure you can't buy this stuff fresh, so if you have a spot in the garden, now's the time to pop some in.

I think I have a little recipe involving radishes and chervil that I'll try and post later today. You know. In case you need a little nudge to grow some.

Happy weeding...

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