Sunday, July 24, 2011

Potimarron soup, day 150.

This may take longer than expected. I had some lovely squashes on the way -- nice little bubs all fertilised and ready to go, then I go out in the garden and find...


and this!!

Freaking squirrels. They are the mosquito of the rodent world. If only they weren't so damned cute.

ANYWAY, my dear squash plants have been chugging along undeterred.  In fact, they may take over the garden. Here is one blasting up through one of my bean tee-pees.

Luckily, the squash vines are continuing to set fruit, although they have chosen a few interesting places to try this.

In the tomatoes for one.

Way up in the air for another.

And tucked into the beans for a third.

My hope is the (evil) squirrels will have something else to eat by the time these babies are moving along. Actually, I shouldn't hope that too much because my figs are just starting to set fruit (well, flowers actually -- did I ever tell you that a fig "fruit" is actually just a big unopened flower? Cool, eh?).

See? (They always get my figs.)

Be that as it may, fingers and toes are crossed that at least one or two of these little squashes make it through the rodent onslaught and into the fall when their glorious fate in the soup pot awaits!!

Take care all of you. Here's to good eats, peace, love, and happiness.

(Oh, and if you're wondering what on Earth I'm talking about, the links to this saga are here.) ;)

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  1. You are so lucky. The squash bug, vine borer and now another bug attacked my squash. I still have a few plants left, bad season for
    my squash. We enjoyed some early patty pan.
    I will try again next year to grow Potimarron squash.
    I look forward to watching your squash be made into the soup!